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Roof Cleaning

Why is it Streaking

The black stains on your shingles are actually composed of a very resilient strain of algae called  ”Gloeocapsa Magma”.  The spores from this type of algae are airborne and will spread from roof to roof where they feed on the crushed limestone, an integral part of the shingle composition itself.  Typically, these roof stains begin to occur on the north side shingles of your home.  Once established the algae will spread to the shingles on the other sides of your home.  Left untreated the algae will encourage the growth of other organisms such as mildew, mole, and moss.

Why Should I Have My Roof Cleaned

Having the mold, moss, and mildew roof stains removed from your shingles is one of the easiest ways to maintain or improve the beauty of your home.  The blackened areas and streaking that you see on your roof is actually an infestation of bacteria and algae that is feeding, growing, and spreading across your roof’s shingles.  This type of algae, mold, and moss growth will retain water and moisture which will prematurely age and rot your shingles shortening their intended life cycle.  Left untreated the granules on your shingles will become less reflective, dislodge, and increase your energy costs as your shingles lose their efficiency due to these roof stains.  The average roof replacement in Indiana is 14 to 18 years while in Florida it is 24 to 28 years.  The difference is roof cleaning and the removal of the mildew, moss, and mold growth from shingles has been an accepted part of home maintenance in Florida since the mid 70’s.  Indiana residents now have a shingle solution to the black stains on their roof; call Indiana Roof & Exterior Cleaning and extend your shingle life today.

Safe Chemical Roof Cleaning Process

Having the black stains, mildew, moss, and mold professional cleaned will save you from premature shingle replacement.  At Indiana Roof & Exterior Cleaning we apply a specially formulated proprietary cleaning solution that includes Sodium Hypochlorite (active ingredient in most cleaning solutions), Ammonyx MO (a cleaning surfactant), and an algaecide/fungicide to prevent algae, mildew, mold, and moss from returning to your roof.   Our “soft wash” cleaning process is recommended by the leading shingle manufacturers for roof cleaning and maintenance.  Indiana Roof & Exterior Cleaning backs this with our 7 Year Roof Cleaning Warranty, which is the longest in our industry.  Roof Cleaning could provide an average savings of $10k to $15k over your home ownership. Never let any power wash or pressure clean your roof as this will damage your shingles, render them ineffective, and void their warranty.

A Professional Staff Ensures Quality Results

Roof Cleaning is not as easy as you think.  Most home owners fall from a distance of 5 to 8 feet, off a ladder, than from any other height.  At Indiana Roof & Exterior Cleaning we focus on the total experience provided our customers.  Each cleaning crew consists of two technicians that have been fully trained in the art of roof cleaning and the safe removal of the infecting mildew, mold, and moss present on your shingles.  Our technicians will contact the homeowner prior to arrival, provide a quality clean roof, while protecting the property and landscaping on site.