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Home Exterior Staging

As a realtor how many times have you had a client mention that he or she thought that the price of the home they were viewing should be reduced because the landscaping wasn’t quite up to standard?  Your answer was probably never.  But, how many times have you been asked to have the price reduced because of the black stains, mildew, mold, or moss present on the roof’s shingles?  Your answer was probably always and in the thousands of dollars.  Realtors will tell you that a dirty / infected roof will lower the value of the property and make it harder to sell than a clean roof.  But, in reality those ugly black stains and streaks are shortening the life expectancy of the shingles themselves.

The cleaning services provided by Indiana Roof & Exterior Cleaning will revitalize your home’s curb appeal and draw that potential buyer into your home for a tour of its interior.  Our professional exterior cleaning services include roof, gutter face, concrete, stone or brick cleaning.   We also specialize in the house washing, deck and fence cleaning.  An appointment with Indiana Roof & Exterior Cleaning could help maximize your selling price and increase your sales potential.