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Indiana Roof & Exterior Cleaning Installs the Best Gutter Guards Available for Your Home

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gutter-guardsManufactured in Lafayette, Indiana. Will not Clog Like Gutter Helmets and Leaf Guards.
gutter-guards2Less than half the cost of Gutter Helmets and Leaf Guard Products.
gutter-guards3Available in Black or Silver. Stainless Steel Micro Mesh covers top of Gutter Guard.

We proudly stock and install Micro Mesh Gutter Guards made locally in Lafayette, Indiana.  This product is pressure fitted into the gutter interior itself and can withstand strong winds, impacts from falling branches and will not sag into your guttering like competing products.  Made from stainless steel this product will not rust.  Additionally, the fine micro mesh top coating will inhibit fine plant particles such as pine needles and maple whirlybirds from entering your gutter drainage system.  Price compare our micro mesh gutter guards verse our competitors and you will be calling Indiana Roof & Exterior Cleaning today.

Micro Mesh gutter guards received the highest rating among all options according to:                    (Click to read all reviews)

Competing Gutter Guards and Screens DO NOT WORK!

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Costly Custom Gutter Guards Become Covered in Algae and Begin to Clog and Fill with Debris.

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Inexpensive Metal and Plastic Gutter Screens Purchased and Installed by Handymen, Contractors, or Home Improvement Stores Only Clog Your Gutter Drainage System.

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