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Concrete Sealing

By sealing the concrete or stone around your home you are protecting the material from penetrating salts, weathering, mold, moss, mildew, and algae that will inhabit and breakdown the composition of the material itself.   Left unprotected, the lifespan of these surfaces will lose longevity.   We utilize either a Surface Sealer or a 10 Year Penetrating Sealer, based on our customer preference, to achieve the desired results.  Listed below is a just a few of the Sealers we use:


ENVIROSEAL® 20 is used on brick, various concrete surfaces including pavers and stamped concrete.  This product is a water based, penetrating sealer that does not alter the surface appearance and is also environmentally friendly.

clear-guard-cure-and-sealCLEAR GUARD CURE & SEAL

A solvent-based, curing and sealing compound suitable for residential, commercial and municipal concrete surfaces. Provides excellent color enhancement and protection for decorative concrete. This is a non-yellowing sealer for new and old concrete surfaces. Which dries to a high gloss, UV stable film. Can also be applied to old concrete, terrazzo, brick, and masonry tiles to dust proof and impart stain and chemical resistance.


BrownTone CS-TB is a solvent based acrylic polymer blend that cures, seals, and enhances the appearance of exposed aggregate concrete surfaces. This sealer is specially formulated with earth-toned pigments that highlight the natural color of the aggregate, making exposed aggregate surfaces look more even in color and richer in appearance. It also provides protection against the damaging effects of traffic, weather, and de-icing salts. Although especially formulated for exposed aggregate concrete, it can be used on any concrete surfaces – new or old – where a translucent brown tint is desired. Enhances the natural tone and evens out the color of exposed aggregate concrete.

Weather Seal Natural Stone Treatment

Weather Seal Natural Stone Treatment is a general purpose siloxane water repellent developed for limestone, marble and most other traditional masonry surfaces. Natural Stone Treatment penetrates deeply to provide long-lasting protection without altering the natural appearance of the substrate. (