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Face The Facts: Effects of Weather on Home Exteriors

When you are purchasing your home, you likely did not give much thought to the direction that it faced beyond the visual effects. While a breathtaking view that overlooks a well-landscaped garden, or whether you can easily access your garage may be important common factors you initially notice from the outside, the location of your home […]

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Wood or Composite Deck Materials: Which Is Better?

There are several positive and negative aspects of both wood and composite deck materials. Wood is the most common and comfortable deck material available. Due to its organic properties, regular upkeep is a must. Composite materials last longer and require little work once installed. However, they are somewhat inflexible and uncomfortable. Homeowners must evaluate their […]

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Maintaining Your Patio

Maintaining the Beauty of Stamped Concrete and Paver Patios

There are plenty of homeowners using stamped concrete and pavers to build patios. While there are a number of reasons people choose stamped concrete and pavers as materials for building their patios, one of the best reasons to use them is the easy maintenance. Stamped Concrete Stamped concrete has become a popular way of designing beautiful patios, driveways, […]

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Back Porch 2

Concrete Care and Protection

Pitting in concrete is caused by a wide range of conditions.  Natural aging, abuse or misuse, improper placement and finishing techniques can all contribute to its early decline.  But Indiana winters can be especially brutal on the concrete surfaces around your home. Ice and snow left on the surface can cause pitting from the cycle […]

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Fall To-Do List

Should I have my roof cleaned now or in the Spring? Mold on your roof’s shingles and other surfaces of your home are a health concern for you and your family.

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