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How To Avoid Common Power Washing Scams

How To Avoid Common Power Washing Scams

Perhaps you’ve decided that 2017 should be the year to have the exterior of your home cleaned. Be careful to dodge some of the common scams out there. Since power washing tends to be a bit easier than designing rockets or operating on brains, it’s fairly easy to get into the business, even if the contractor has little experience or integrity. The sad fact is that scammers readily pollute the power washing industry just as they do all the other trades. What should you look out for so you never fall prey to a power washing scam?

Door to Door Sales

Before we condemn door knocking as a guaranteed scam, you should understand that totally legitimate companies will seek new business this way, too. However, if you have yet to call around for a power washing company, be extremely careful of people on your porch offering you a smoking deal to clean any part of your home’s exterior. Be especially cautious if they begin telling you about mold on your roof. If you don’t know for sure that you need a roof cleaning, they could be trying to generate fear, so you’ll hire them on the spot with too few questions.

Very Low Price

Just because power washing isn’t rocket science or brain surgery doesn’t mean it can be done right and well without extensive training and skill. An offer to pressure clean your property for a very low price indicates a lack of professionalism and that corners will be cut. Often, if you receive a bid well below the rest, the contractor may be uninsured and may not use the proper cleaning chemicals or take the time required to do a thorough job.

Very High Price

Conversely, if you’re quoted a very high price because of the presence of algae or some other “difficult” condition, you should seek more bids before committing to a contract. Don’t let a gut reaction propel you into an agreement.

If you're quoted a very high price because of the presence of algae or some other "difficult" condition, you should seek more bids before committing to a contract.

No Prep Work?

If your contractor offers to seal your deck but doesn’t bother to wash and/or remove the old sealant, you’re buying a pig in a poke. The old sealer must be stripped and the wood chemically cleaned before a new round of sealer will properly adhere. Be sure to monitor the contractor when he initiates the deck cleaning/sealing operation.

Very “Special” Cleaning Solutions

Beware the biodegradable promise. We’d all like to go easy on the environment whenever possible, but the truth is, the manufacturer-recommended cleaning solutions for roofs, sidings, masonry and concrete are as biodegradable as they’re ever going to get. Send on his way the contractor trying to sell you a very expensive “green” product that boosts your bill.

Reputation Is Everything

The best way to avoid possible scams when it comes to power washing your home or business exterior is to check out companies beforehand. Angie’s List is a great place to start. Also, ask your family, friends and neighbors for recommendations. Go online and search for reviews of power washing companies in your area. If a cleaning company shows up on your doorstep unsolicited, ask to see their proof of insurance(s). If they dance around and mutter excuses, you’re probably their target. Call for at least three bids, get a feel for each contractor and don’t settle for the lowest bid.

By performing a little due diligence, you can protect your property and your wallet. Be sure to call Indiana Roof and Exterior Cleaners for a free estimate. Customer satisfaction has always been our mission. We guarantee it!

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