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Don’t Overlook Driveway Maintenance

Don't overlook driveway maintenance

Your home is your most valuable asset. Although you might be good about maintaining your home, there may be one area that you are overlooking—your driveway. Dirty, worn concrete or cement driveways can reduce the curb appeal of your home over time. Driveways worn by the effects of excessive heat and cold, winter road salt, oil drips, grease, etc., can detract from your home’s charm. You care for the outside of your home and roof, so make sure that your driveway is in top shape, too!

Dirt and Grime

Most driveway surfaces act like a sponge and absorb oil, dirt and grime. This makes them dingy and unsightly very quickly if they are not maintained properly. Regular professional pressure washing can restore your driveway’s condition.

Cracking, Discoloration and Deterioration

Professional power washing services focus on removing all of the built up materials on the driveway’s surface. They will follow up with a sealant that will prevent future cracking, discoloration and deterioration. Your driveway is often an extension of your home’s outdoor space. It is the site of hopscotch, basketball and neighborhood block parties, so you want to keep it looking its best.

Regular professional pressure washing can restore your driveway's condition.

Regular Driveway Cleaning

Cleaning your driveway regularly can extend the life of the surface that you have chosen whether it is concrete, asphalt, interlocking brick or an alternative material. Professionals use the most effective cleaning methods for your driveway surface. This enhances the appearance of your driveway and reduces any deterioration.

Don’t Renovate, Just Clean

Many homeowners focus a lot of their upgrades on their driveways when all that needs to be done is a good power wash. This gives a new, fresh appearance that will enhance the whole first impression people have of your home. Regular professional power washing will also prevent mold and mildew buildup which can damage your driveway and your home over time. The power washing will wash out any mold or mildew and remove it, protecting your family from its harmful effects. DIY cleaning methods often do not achieve these exceptional results.

Don’t Wait

Driveways should be professionally power washed every 12 to 18 months to maintain them and keep them in the best shape. If you notice a problem, though, don’t hesitate to schedule your driveway power wash a little early. Untended small problems can become large problems very quickly.

To revive, beautify and protect the exterior of your home or business, call your partners at Indiana Roof & Exterior Cleaning. Our knowledgeable staff provides the quality results that homeowners are looking for. We offer various power washing services to help you maintain your driveway and other parts of your home. Explore our services on our website or give us a call today at 314-771-4660 for more information.

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