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Add These Chores to Your Fall Maintenance Checklist

Fall Home Maintenance checklist

Regular maintenance of your home’s exterior is essential to reducing overall costs from repairs and damage while extending the lifespan of siding, roofing, doors and windows. Summer is coming quickly to a close, and with it, the return of autumn and home maintenance season! The following checklist will help make sure you don’t miss any of those important winter prep tasks around your home.

The Yard

Trim Bushes and Trees: Fall is a great time to prune trees and bushes to deal with any problem limbs before they come crashing through a window.

Rake Up Leaves: Fallen leaves aren’t simply an unsightly problem. Piles of leaves can kill grass and encourage populations of pests. Rake it up and toss it into a compost pile to make excellent mulch.

Test Winter Yard Equipment: Make sure your snow blower and other winter equipment are in good working order before the first snowstorm hits. While you’re at it, store the rest of your yard equipment safely.

The Exterior

Tackle Minor Repairs: Look for loose siding and trim, uneven or rotting decking material, cracks in the driveway and any other minor (or major) repairs that need to be addressed. Get them done now before they become a bigger issue.

Seal Gaps: Garage and entry doors should have seals checked and replaced if necessary. Holes can be caulked, and critter access points can be sealed up with mesh to keep them out. While you are sealing, make sure your driveway is clean and seal any gaps or cracks.

Wiggle Rails: Check handrails on decking and stairs to make sure they are firmly secured before ice and snow hits.

Prep Pipes: Drain and store hoses, wrap exterior pipes in insulating tape or tubing, turn off and drain sprinkler systems, and turn off water to exterior faucets.

Pay Attention to Paint: Check for loose paint, big gouges and rot issues. Painting and staining serve to protect the material beneath, so refinish now to avoid major rot issues down the road.

Moss can erode roofing material, literally eating away at asphalt shingles.

The Roof

Unclog Gutters: Leaving gutters clogged can cause water to overflow onto your roof and down your walls, leading to rot and other issues.

Inspect Your Roof: This is perhaps the most overlooked and most essential part of home maintenance. Make sure your roof is in good order BEFORE winter weather hits. Roof repairs become much more dangerous in icy conditions. A thorough inspection includes looking for loose shingles, cracks, damage to metal flashing, curled or missing shingles and granule accumulation. While you can see some damage yourself from the ground, it’s smart to have professionals inspect your roof up close. A professional will have the safety equipment necessary to get on the roof for a close, thorough inspection.

Clean Your Roof: If moss or other debris have gathered on the roof, get it cleaned. Debris can hide trouble spots. Moss and algae can be problems all on their own, trapping moisture that can slowly rot away at your roof. Moss can also erode roofing material, literally eating away at asphalt shingles. Schedule a roof cleaning by a professional to make sure the cleaning doesn’t damage the roof and to make sure any issues are caught and repaired before becoming large problems in the winter.

Consider Hiring Help: Professional roof cleaners like those at Indiana Roof & Exterior Cleaning can address issues like moss and algae without further damaging your roof, all while keeping you safely on the ground. Roof maintenance is an important investment for extending the life of your roofing material. Give us a call today and schedule an appointment.

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