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Summer is the Perfect Time to Get Your Home Pressure Washed

Summer is the Perfect Time to Get Your Home Pressure Washed!

The appearance of your home is one of the most important factors that can affect the value of your home. Often, homeowners think of the appearance of their lawn and gardens when they consider their home’s appearance. Few people look at the structure of the home itself, but this is one of the first things that potential buyers and visitors to a home do, however. In order to improve the appearance of your home, one of the best things you can do is have the house professionally power washed.

Unlike simply spraying your home with a garden hose, power washing has the ability to remove years of dirt, grime, oil, debris, and even growths of algae and moss that have built up over the years. These things can cause unsightly stains on the surface of your home’s siding and roof, and in many cases, cause long-term damage.

Your Garden Hose Isn’t Enough

Over time, even small amounts of dirt and oil can combine and become lodged in small cracks along your driveway, siding, exterior, and roof. As the temperature changes, this mixture expands and contracts, causing damage to the structure of your home. In addition, this mixture can be the perfect breeding ground for mold, algae and bacteria. When this organic material grows into these cracks, it can also accelerate your structure’s aging process.

It’s important to note that this dirt mixture is hard to remove. Simply spraying water onto the house can remove loose dirt, but it won’t remove any oil or algae. In fact, constantly spraying water can accelerate the problem by filling the small cracks in your home’s structure with water.

Periodic pressure washing is part of a home's regular maintenance, and can help homeowners avoid far more costly repair work.

Commercial cleaners can provide a temporary solution, but many of these cleaners will damage paint and shingles thanks to the chemicals they’re made with. Even testing them out before using them over an entire house can lead to the small test area being damaged. Commercial cleaners can also be hard to use because it’s next to impossible to tell if they’re getting to all of the problem areas without waiting a few days to see results. This means that most cleaners have to be used several times.

Upgrade to a Pressure Wash

The summertime is a great time to have your home pressure-washed. Pressure-washing doesn’t use any of the harsh chemicals that many commercial cleaners have, and the equipment is able to remove years of dirt and grime. Power-washing your roof will remove substances that get between the shingles and cause damage, saving you a lot of money in maintenance costs.

Because the warm weather makes it easy to access every part of the exterior of your home, it’s a good idea to schedule a pressure wash in the late spring, summer, or even early fall. Call Indiana Roof & Exterior Cleaning to get your appointment scheduled!

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