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Soft Washing is the Best Way to Take Care of Your Property

Soft Washing is the Best Way to Take Care of Your Property

In Indiana, we’re familiar with the problems of mold, mildew, algae and moss around our homes. With our humid climate, these dangerous and unsightly growths require us to keep on top of our exterior home maintenance before they grow out of control and rob our homes of their beauty or, worse yet, render them uninhabitable.

To ensure a clean, beautiful home, we need to wash it from time to time, and that’s just no fun when you have so many other things to do. But you know you can’t just let it go.

Because washing your home’s exterior is more difficult than it sounds, you should consider hiring a professional cleaning company, one that has experience in power and soft washing techniques and the perfect cleaning solutions to meet each surface with the proper pressure and cleansing combination.

Is Power Washing the Best Way to Go?

Not necessarily. Power washing uses a lot of force, which works well on only the hardest surfaces such as concrete driveways and pathway pavers. Unpainted cement patios, too, can be power washed without damage, but what about the roof and exterior of your house? If you wouldn’t sandblast a surface, you probably shouldn’t power wash it, either.

Power Washing Will Probably Void Your Shingle Warranty

Your roof tends to suffer a lot of algae, moss and mold growth and should be washed on a regular basis. When your roof is allowed to become a garden for plant and fungal life, you’re guaranteed to have to replace it much sooner than you otherwise would.

Soft washing protects your siding, windows, doors and decks better than power washing. With high-pressure sprays, you risk scrubbing off the paint and loosening the caulking around windows and doors.

Roof cleaning is a must in our part of the world. But never have your roof power washed as that is most likely to take off the UV-protecting granules, leaving the asphalt and laminate substrate exposed to the destructive rays of the sun. Not only will it remove granules, one false move and it can even remove shingles. Plus, power washing will likely void any material warranty on your shingle system.

It’s always best to hire a professional soft washing company to apply the right amount of cleaning solution and rinse water with a gentle spray. Also, if your highly-trained crew is on your roof, then you aren’t, so your risk of slipping off the wet ladder or shingles is zero.

Soft Washing is Best for Your Siding and Decks, Too

Soft washing protects your siding, windows, doors and decks better than power washing, as well. With high-pressure sprays, you risk scrubbing off the paint and loosening the caulking around windows and doors, causing you a headache and wallet pain to paint and re-seal your windows and doors too soon. Of course, if you intend to repaint your siding or re-stain your deck, power washing is the first step precisely because it will force off all the loose layers easily. But for routine upkeep, we recommend a softer approach.

If it’s time to make your home shine again, give Indiana Roof and Exterior Cleaning a call or schedule a free estimate online. We have a friendly, knowledgeable staff on hand ready to answer all of your questions.

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