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Don’t Forget to Clean Your Roof

Don't Forget to Clean Your Roof!

When was the last time your home’s roof had a good scrubbing? If you can’t remember or know the answer is “never,” then it is definitely time that you learned the importance of a good old fashioned roof cleaning.

Save Thousands in Replacement Costs

A new roof can cost anywhere from $5,000 to $20,000 or more, depending on the size of your home and the materials used. Oftentimes, roof replacement would not even be necessary if the homeowners had performed routine preventive cleaning.

Roof shingles are made to last for decades. But, that doesn’t mean that they do not need to be cared for. Black streaks or green algae on your roofing shingles are signs of trouble. One you notice those streaks or moss growth on your roof, the odds are good its integrity is being compromised.

Algae, moss and lichens are all living organisms that feed off the materials that make up roof shingles. The more they feed, the more damage is being done to your roof. This can cause moisture to seep into your attic, mold to buildup in your walls and ceilings, and the actual roofing structure to be weakened and damaged due to rotting beams. Left untreated, those black streaks and green moss that are making your roof look old and uncared for are going to ruin it — and cost you thousands to repair and replace.

A new roof can cost anywhere from $5,000-$20,000 or more depending on the size of your home and the materials used!

Become More Energy Efficient

Want to lower your cooling costs in the summertime? Clean your roof! A roof that is covered in moss and algae becomes much less energy efficient than one that has been cleaned regularly. Lichens tend to absorb heat from the sun. This can overheat your attic and make your home’s cooling system work harder to keep the temperature stable. By simply cleaning your roof of these organisms, you can increase your home’s energy efficiency and save hundreds of dollars every year in cooling costs.

Make Your Home Safer

There are a lot of things that can damage your roof and cause safety hazards for those living inside: fallen branches, leaf buildup, ice jams, etc. By taking the time to regularly clear this type of debris from your roof, you can extend the life of the shingles while also eliminating dangerous hazards. Most cleaning experts suggest cleaning off the roof (especially in the roof valleys) every spring and fall to ensure that debris isn’t causing any damage.

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Turn to a Professional for Help

Cleaning your roof is an essential job that homeowners often overlook, maybe because it is not an easy DIY project to complete. Instead of trying to do it alone, contact Indiana Roof and Exterior Cleaning to have your roof cleaned by the experts who know how to get the job done quickly and effectively.

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